My friend Siobhan blogged about the various ways of decorating ginger bread men. A ‘tribute’ to gingerbread men, if you will. Note: Jareth the Goblin King, The Ginger Beard Men and the Caveman with Nipples were made by moi 😉

Lists, lessons and lovely things

I think the draw card for gingerbread men is that you get to play with your food. You can team the biscuits to any theme, and the decoration process is fun for all ages.

Today’s post is a tribute to gingerbread men, with a collection of fun gingery photos.


This is one of my favourites, made by my friend Hilary. We love David Bowie, so this seemed like a natural choice for decoration.

My sisters,  needing to keep out of the sun while living in Dubai, thought an ‘Around the World’ theme would be a good idea. I think they were right.

Why not make your workmates? For Conservation Week I decorated New Zealand native species, and made little DOC rangers.

My friend started out decorating her dad, who has a ginger beard. She ended up making a whole heap of ginger beard gingerbread men!

Last, and probably least…

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  1. Alethor

    Nice gingerbread men!! 😉 The most i like… the caveman with nipples haha very funny! 😉
    PD: Thanks for follow my blog, feel free to give me your approach in the comments!

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