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Nick Josevski

A nice coincidence a few weeks was the news of Raygun going in to public beta crossing my radar.

At the time we were fine tuning some things in an application that was in a private beta, we had put a little effort in to ensure that we would get reliable results about errors that happened to the users, but at that point we were just storing the details in a database table.


We were capturing 3 levels of errors in the application.
– Client-side (JavaScript)
– Web Tier (ASP.NET MVC / WebApi)
– Back-end (Topshelf hosted services)

Any client side error would be captured, and sent to the Web Tier, Web Tier forwards that and it’s own errors on to the back end where they would be persisted with low overhead. In a previous post I have covered this approach.

But to get from entries stored in…

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Raygun T-shirts are cool and stuff :-)

Raygun T-shirts are cool and stuff :-)

Click this photo of me in all my Raygun glory to find out how to get your own T-shirt!

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March 6, 2013 · 1:14 am